Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

Uncle Bobby

written by Sarah Brannen
Putnam, 2008.

reviewed by Nancy Silverrod, San Francisco Public Library

Guinea Pigs Chloe and Uncle Bobby are best buddies. They do everything together. When Chloe learns that Uncle Bobby will be marrying his friend Jamie, she worries she will be left out in the cold. She asks her mother how can Uncle Bobby and Jamie get married, and her mother answers on two levels, the unspoken, but likely question Chloe is asking, yes they are two males, and that’s fine, and secondly: “When grown-ups love each other that much they want to be married.”

She urges Chloe to talk to Uncle Bobby, and he reassures her that she will always be his special girl, even if he and Jamie have kids of their own. Meanwhile, she grows to appreciate Jamie, and decides she wants him to be her uncle too.

Highly recommended! Priced at $15.99 and great for kids ages 3-6.

Author Sarah Brannen has been in the news lately, because of multiple challenges to having her book removed from public library shelves. We received th following letter form her a couple months back:

Hi Angela,

Thanks for sending me the Rainbow Babies newsletter, and thank you so much for the feature on Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. As far as I know, the book has not been banned in Colorado, certainly not at the library in Parker, but challenged. A formal challenge usually means a library patron has asked that a book either be removed from the library or shelved in a special area. Jamie Larue, the librarian in Parker, refused to take it off the shelf, as his letter explains. However, if it had been banned elsewhere I might not have heard about it.

The book was also recently challenged at a library in Gainesville, FL; I have no other information. A protest against a teacher reading it in class was also filed at an elementary school in the Washington, D.C. area. A friend also sent me a letter to the editor of the Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY, in which a reader protested a positive review the paper had printed.

I’m doing my best to keep track! Should you hear of any other challenges, I’d really appreciate it if you let me know. Eventually, my agent may send out another press release.

Thanks again,

Sarah Brannen

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