Dads’ Stories

  • Glen and Ricky

    Glen and Ricky

    “The aspiration for establishing a family started for Ricky and myself during the early stages of our relationship, building a strong, enduring connection over time.” more

  • Ken, Jeffrey and Jackson

    Ken, Jeffrey and Jackson

    One of the greatest milestones in parenting has been to hear Jackson tell people his story with pride; when he proclaims to people, “I have two daddies that I love very much.” more

  • Ron, Randy and Christopher

    Ron, Randy and Christopher

    The joy of life with a child is, of course, immeasurable in its challenges, optimistic excitement, and its milestones. Life with Christopher has been all of these things and more

  • Jeff and Russ

    Jeff and Russ

    …And, for those of you unfamiliar with a Birthletter, we liken it to framing the Constitution or penning the Declaration of Independence; only we think the authors of those documents had it much easier. more

  • Tim And Lars

    Tim and Lars

    At the doctor’s office we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It is an incredible sound that just fills you with emotion. The doctor informed us that everything was good, the baby was healthy and the pregnancy was proceeding well. more »

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