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GLBT Family Resources

General Parenting Resources

Organizations That Support LGBT Families & Kids and Kids of LGBT Parents

  • COLAGE link to Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere
  • PFLAG: Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
  • Families Like Mine website for Abigail Garner (the “original” daughter of two gay dads), founder of COLAGE
  • OutProud, The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth.
  • Rainbow In Me Helping adults with a GLBT parent create positive changes in their own amazing lives.
  • Queerspawn Community a new forum for kids of queers.
  • Damn Straight Blog from Abigail Garner, author of Families Like Mine and founder of the QueerSpawn Movement.

LGBT Parent Blogs & Podcasts

  • Lesbian was inspired by sites like Mombian and Babes in Blogland — great resources that help people find other families like theirs on the Internet.
  • Lesbian Dad LesbianDad is written by a non-biological lesbo parent who answers to the name Baba and works toward a world in which amor (love) does indeed vincit omnia (conquers all).
  • Humpty Dumpty House This is a tale of two girls, their pooch and the house that literally fell down around them. Each night they place a copy of the house inspection damage report, photos of the two would-be adopted kids and a lottery ticket under their pillows. Then they ask the universe to put the humpty dumpty house back together again.
  • Parentdish Posts From The Gay And Lesbian Parents Category A lot of visual distraction on this page, but some good articles about LGBT parenting and what’s going on in the news.
  • Gay Parenting, the Podcast Network The gay parenting show hosted by Scott Sherman

LGBT Blogs & Podcasts

  • Gay News Blog GLBTQ news and views from across America and around the world updated throughout the day. More than 15,000 LGBT stories in their archive.
  • Out on the Net Blog Gay news blog with daily articles about gay rights, books, movies, health, finance and travel.
  • Pam’s House Blend An Online Magazine in the Reality-Based Community: Pam just finds the best LGBT political stuff out there and then totally rips them to shreds (deservedly so!)
  • Love Welcomes All a GLBT blog on love, life, and relationships
  • Good As You Using humor and irreverence rather than anger and protests, Good As You represents a new generation of GLSBT activism. Now is the time for intelligent, progressive-minded individuals to step up and fight for the common rights of which they might be denied.
  • Pridedepot.Com Blog - Inside Out began in the spring of 2000 out of a need local community support in Boise, Idaho and has steadily grown over the years into an international LGBT directory.
  • Queer Thinker There’s a reason why this journal is entitled “Queer Thinker”…other than the obvious. If you want to read the thoughts of a black, gay law student who seems to think differently, i.e. “queer,” than others, this one’s for you!
  • Queercents We’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going shopping without coupons! A personal finance blog service the LGBT community.
  • Coach Sappho’s ’Authentic Loving’ Blog a ’family-friendly’ relationship community that provides fun, education and social networking opportunities for GLBT and GLBT-friendly singles and couples who are creating the lives and life partnerships they desire!
  • Words From A Wicked Woman Areas of interest are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, especially as they relate to people of color (PoC) communities. In particular, I am interested in the politics of being LGBT and write about the issues.

Adoption Resources

Pregnancy- and Health-Related Resources

Egg Donor and Surrogacy Resources

Insemination Resources

  • Donor Home Delivery For a pre-set price, this company delivers an insulated shipping package to your sperm donor so he can send his/your sperm safely to your home.
  • American Fertility Association has a number of resources for people looking to insemination for creating a family
  • Fertility Clinic Finder Helpful locator for finding a fertility clinic nearest your home.
  • Fertility Expert Expert Advice about IVF and Fertility with new material being added all the time.
  • American Fertility Association has a number of resources for people looking to insemination for creating a family.
  • The Sperm Bank of California They are a non-profit who have been serving lesbians and single women since 1982 and are proud to have developed the first Identity-Release Program in the world.
  • National Infertility Association An advocacy organization dedicated to providing couples with education and support regarding infertility.

Foster Care Resources

  • NFPA National Foster Parents Association website contains some great info on the ins and outs of becoming a foster parent.

Education Resources

Legal & Political Resources

Same Sex Marriage Resources

Spirituality Resources

Publishers and Other Resources

  • Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies Independent think tank that addresses LGBT issues.
  • Dallas Voice Newspaper We are the GLBT weekly newspaper for north Texas.
  • Families Joined By Love Is a comprehensive bookstore, resource center, and discussion community for LGBT families and the important people in their lives.
  • Two Lives, a publishing company that specializes in books for children of LGBT families
  • Rainbow Rumpus: The Magazine for Kids with Lesbian and Gay Parents
  • Just One More Book Podcasts of children’s books. Great resource for the connected family
  • The Women’s Bookstore, a Toronto-based lesbian-feminist bookstore with a great selection
  • After Stonewall Books, a wide-ranging selection of books for all ages is available here
  • Nickname Press is an independent publisher dedicated to publishing books that embrace open-minded, diversity-friendly subjects such as gay and lesbian parenting, surrogacy, adoption and bi-racial families.
  • Our Family The Coalition List of Books for LGBT Parents
  • In The Life, a PBS sponsored show about gay and lesbian life
  • In The Family, a magazine for queer people and their families (website still active; but magazine is no longer published)
  • Gay Yellow Pages Good families resource section, has something from each state
  • ParentBooks, a bookstore located in Canada with a great selection of books for children of all ages
  • The Other Queer Page has over 800 sorted links GLBT resources available on the Web; a little out-dated, but still useful.
  • GayScape Over 89,000 indexed sites of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual interests.
  • 365 Gay The daily gay newspaper online. Updates throughout the day, and you can join their mailing list to receive content through email
  • Queer Theory Provides you with the best online resources integrated with the best visual and textual resources in Queer Culture, Queer Theory, Queer Studies, Gender Studies and related fields. (This is an excellent place to find books!)
  • E-Cards for New Babies Select from their assortment of cute and positive e-cards to congratulate the new moms or dads.

Transgender Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Pink Pea Productions Produces fun videos for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families; has been nationally reviewed!
  • Circle Pines Cooperative Summer camp for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families
  • Mountain Meadow Camp 2-week summer camp for youth from LGBTQ and other non-traditional families in S. New Jersey
  • Camp Lavender Hill Teaching peace, social justice, and ecology through cooperation in work and recreation; they hold camps for everybody, including adults! Located in Michigan
  • Camp Ten Trees Washington state summer camp for LGBTQ youth or children of LGBTQ parents
  • GLBT National Help Center
  • Dyke March: Welcome to all dykes, in our diversity and depth!
  • Prospective Queer Parents website; links are mostly outdated
  • QueerNet provides free online services for GLBT communities including mailing lists, websites and email hosting
  • QWorld GLBT Message Boards and IRC Chat Rooms
  • Swish Pride Believe it or not: Straight Women in Support of Homos
  • Pride Counseling Professional Telephone Counseling Exclusively For The GLBT Community
  • Los Angeles Gay Center Offers support, education, advocacy plus an array of social and educational programming to LGBT parents and parents-to-be.
  • Gaysurance We specialize in matching members of the GLBT community with GLBT / GLBT friendly Insurance Agents nationwide.
  • Largest company in the nation representing the rights of Gay & Lesbian home buyers and sellers.

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