Medical Articles

We Don’t Know Nothing ’Bout Birthin’ No Babies! by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Two gay guys inquire on how to start a family. Dr. Ben-Ozer explains the basics. more »

Traditional vs. Gestational Surrogate: Viva la Difference! by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Dr. Ben-Ozer explains the basic differences between traditional and gestation surrogates. more »

To Adopt or Not To Adopt: That Is The Question by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Two moms ask about whether it is important to legally adopt their son, even though they are married. Dr. Ben-Ozer weighs in with info from attorneys. more »

Sperm Bank Safety by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Dr. Ben-Ozer answers a question about the safety of those lil’ “swimmers” from sperm banks. more »

In It For the Long Haul? by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Dr. Ben-Ozer answers a question about how long insemination can take and some of the possible complications. more »

What To Do Next? by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Dr. Ben-Ozer answers a question about what a patient might do if they haven’t successfully conceived after several tries. more »

Think and Talk it Out First by Dr. Ben-Ozer :: Dr. Ben-Ozer talks some of the practical concerns that couples need to discuss before starting the parenting process. more »

Oh boy, are we excited about this announcement! by Dr. Ben-Ozer (pronounced Ben-a-zir) : We have entered into a partnership with a renowned fertility MD who will be answering your specific questions about insemination, fertility and pregnancy. In case you didn’t get it the first time, we are REALLY EXCITED about this brand new partnership! We will be featuring your questions in the upcoming issues, so be sure and write in and let us know what is on your mind. more »

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