Moms’ Stories

  • Sara Baker & Danielle O’Hallisey

    Danielle & Sara.html

    As much as we want to protect our kids from the bias of the outside world, we know that we will ultimately fail them if we don’t provide them with an appropriate awareness level that will help them to navigate the world. more »

  • Ruth Horn Pinkham

    Ruth Horn Pinkham

    Just how important is a name, a title? Does what you call something make any difference in what it really is? I’m not usually a “name-brand snob.” But sometimes a name implies validity, “realness”, belonging and that’s what I thought I needed to really “fit” in the eyes of our son. Boy, was I wrong. more »

  • Kerry Deeney and Maria Paiz

    Kerry Deeney and Maria Paiz’ Story

    We started talking about the possibility about 3-4 years before we even contacted an adoption agency. I became increasingly tearful when I would see a baby or even hear about stories of children. We both thought that maybe my maternal clock was ticking (it’s still ticking!!) and the feelings would disappear. As we are waiting for my maternal clock to stop, Maria and I are experiencing a very deep and loving relationship. The more time that passed the more in love we became. We both started to feel ready for the next step, to start a family.more »

  • Alexandria Woods

    Alexandria Woods’ Story

    Sure, I had wanted to be pregnant my whole life, but the larger the baby got, the more the thought of “this has to come out… WHERE?” came up.more »

  • Karen Anderson

    Karen Anderson’s Story

    I knew I wanted to be a mother long before I realized I was a lesbian. As a young girl and then as an adolescent I would find myself fantasizing about being a mom, thinking about my future children and wondering what they would be like. I didn’t spend any time imagining their other parent, or thinking about a wedding or the perfect husband—that just wasn’t important. Little did I know what the future held! more »

  • Mrs. and Mrs. Barnes-Wallace and Family

    Mrs. and Mrs. Barnes-Wallace and Family

    The creation of our family was a very intricate process that lead us through many different trials and tribulations. Some considerations were having secure jobs, educational advancement possibilities and the ability to take time off once the children arrived. A very important decision was who was going to carry the baby. more »

  • The Heaslet Family’s Baby Journey

    Our Baby Journey

    We decided because of the current political climate and how gay parents are viewed in our society, we wanted one of us to actually carry and have the baby. Our logic was that if one of us was the biological parent our child could not be taken away. more»

  • Nicole Ehrlich’s Story

    Nicole Erlich’s Story

    While I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t sharing this experience with Rosie. We tried for over two years with fertility specialists but it never worked. I couldn’t imagine raising a child without her. I wanted my child to be just like her. more »

  • Paula Smith and Laura Kopecky

    Paula and Laura

    I have wanted to be a Mother as long as I could remember; I just never wanted to give birth. When I met my wife, Laura, eight years ago, we discussed children and came to the conclusion that we wanted children and would be mom’s together someday. I remember her saying, “if you don’t want kids, don’t be with me because I AM HAVING KIDS”! Wow! I felt the exact same way. I knew we were destined to be moms together. more »

  • Michelle And Christina

    Michelle And Christina

    My wife, Christina, and I have been together since 1990. She had always wanted kids. I, on the other hand, was not so sure but in early 2001 Christina felt the time was right and we decided to pursue artificial insemination. A friend of ours graciously offered to be our donor and we were off into the unknown.more »

  • Jennifer Schumaker

    Shumaker Family

    I am a lesbian mother of four. Although I had my children as a result of a now-dissolved hetero marriage, my creation of an LGBT family is no less real. more »

  • Tracy Kachtick-Anders

    Tracy and the Gang

    When I was a little girl, I always told my mom that I wanted to live on a farm and have a bunch of kids. She said I had better marry a rich farmer. more »

  • Marsha Stevens-Pino


    I have always loathed the times someone has fixed me with a doleful stare and said, “How do your children deal with your lifestyle?” My knee jerk reaction is to say, “Better than you do, obviously.” more »

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