Spiritual Articles

Procession of Angels: The Rainbow Connection, by Reverend Taharah Iman :: I know that when I finally get the chance to hoist my flag of Pride, it will be for: love, world unity, freedom for children, and oneness of all life, free from limitations and hatred of any kind. . more »

10 Things I Learned at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, by Amy Wimburger :: Being short/tall/fat/skinny/geeky/old/young/white/black/ differently-abled/a parent/childless/poor/rich/bald/mustached/ femme/butch or anything is not a barrier to true love. (Or even a Festi-hook up.) There truly is someone for everyone. Read this humorous list of things learned this year by a Festi-Newbie. . more »

Pioneering My Daily Suburban Pride Parade, by Jennifer Shumaker :: I am Out. Very, very out. And I live in Suburbia. I was prepared for the two existences not to mesh. After all, I see an average of one rainbow sticker every two weeks, and I sometimes have to dash to Trader Joe’s whether I need groceries or not, because I know I will probably be able to get an LGBT fix. The last time I was there, we were out in force. For my neighborhood, that means six “nearly positives” and one “maybe” in spiked hair and leather wristbands. I had my four-year-old with me. I told him, “See, honey, there are other gay people up here!” . more »

Mother’s Day The LGBT Way, by Amy Wimburger :: Heather may have two mommies but compared to some of the children in my life, Heather is a slacker. With our blended, meshed, fluid created LGBT families of choice even the simplest holiday can bring joy, sorrow and illumination. Read Amy’s funny and touching take on Mother’s Day by clicking on the link below. (Note to Dads: it’s a good article, you should read it, too.) . more »

Talking to Your Children About God, by Reverend Robert Cromey :: When you have children, religion can be a dilemma. You may disavow God but the children go to pre-school, meet other kids and there is talk of God and your child comes home and inquires about this God stuff. What to do? . more »

Mazel Tov!, by Rabbi Denise L. Egger :: Congratulations and Mazal tov on your decision and determination to have a child. This is a true gift, a blessing and in Jewish tradition a Mitzvah (a Divine responsibility) to be “fruitful and multiply”! . more »

Why Church is Important to Your LGBT Family, by Reverend Robert Cromey :: The church needs you, not just your money and membership. The church needs you to lead the church in doing its real work: social justice. The church says it is inclusive, loving and forgiving, but in fact, many times it is not. Read more about how to find the right house of worship for you and your family. . more »

Coming Out to Your Kids as a Spiritual Person, by Reverend Robert Cromey :: Suppose older children come into your life who have had no religious training? This can be problematic especially if the children are a bit older. There is nothing like the simple truth about your religious views. You may simply say that in this household we give thanks to God for our food, friends and family. Read more about this important spiritual topic here. . more »

Eight Ways To Deepen The Meaning Of Chanukah For Your Family: Overcoming Materialism, by Rabbi Denise L. Egger :: So how DO you take this special time of year—the Festival of Lights—and transform it for your family from a focus on presents and competition with Christmas and turn it into an opportunity to build your connection to the Jewish people and the miracles of faith? Click here to read some valuable sugggestions to conquering the “retail demons,” regardless of your religous affiliation. . more »

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