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Finding Surrogate Mothers Overseas, by Karen Farmer :: New avenues for achieving surrogacy are opening up all the time. Here are few thoughts on international surrogacy, specifically Guatamala. more »

Surrogacy Terms :: Here are terms that you’ll need to know as you begin the surrogacy process. more »

Legal Representation During Your Surrogacy Process For Gay Couples, by Hilary Neiman, Esq. :: A carefully and properly drafted contract is necessary, both so that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities, and also for any parental rights/adoption proceedings. Read this important article so that you know exactly what you’re risking without proper and competent legal representation. more »

Surrogacy Advice For Gay And Lesbian Parents, by Katharine Swan :: Using a surrogate is an excellent way for gay men or lesbians who can’t bear children to become parents. Many gays and lesbians prefer to use a family member as a surrogate, as a solution to concerns about money and discrimination: Not only is it more expensive for an agency to match you up with a surrogate, it can also be difficult and demeaning to try to deal with agencies that are prejudiced against gays and lesbians. more »

Gay Surrogacy: How To Choose An Agency, by Katharine Swan :: For members of the GLBT community who want to become parents, surrogacy is a way to make this possible. Gay couples and lesbians who cannot (or don’t want to) carry a child can have “bio kids” by using a surrogate mother to carry the child. Choosing how you will find your surrogate is a delicate decision. If you decide to use an agency, you will need to carefully weigh your choices before selecting an agency. Read this article on what kinds of questions you need to ask BEFORE walking in the door. more »

Choosing A Surrogate Mother, by Katharine Swan :: Be sure to discuss all possibilities with her and find out where she stands – even if the questions seem overly intimate. After all, if she becomes a surrogate mother for your baby, you will soon be sharing more than just a conversation. Read here to find out what you should be asking about. more »

Ten Important Surrogacy Things, by Judith E. Beckett, R.N. :: Choosing a surrogate for your child might not be the single most important decision you will ever make but it’s right up there. Put aside all romantic dreams and fantasies, set high standards, and be patient. Wait for the perfect match for you! more »

My Two Dads, My Two Moms :: This article from the American Fertility Association provides some valuable insights on gay and lesbian family building. more »

Donating Your Eggs, by Katharine Swan :: Weighing the decision to become an egg donor and what you need to consider. more »

Finding Your Family: Message Board Acronyms, by Judith E. Beckett, R.N. :: Ever wonder what SAHD or HTH stood for when cruising around the surrogacy message boards? After reading this article, you’ll be an acronym expert, and you won’t be ROFL, IMHO. more »

Projected Surrogacy Costs: What to Expect When Planning Your Family

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