Three on a Match

by Barbara Ashcraft

3 on a Match

Starring: Teressa Tunny, Erica Shaffer, Janet Lark, Greg Hoffman, Te-See Bender, Jane Clark and Michael T. Sandman

89 minutes (released 1998) rated NR

Directed by Fred Robbins

If you’re young, in-love, lesbian and have a burning desire to become a mom, this movie is for you. Lesbians Beth and Claire (Janet Lark and Erica Shaffer) have been together for a year, and at least one of them thinks it’s past time to have a baby. After ruling out adoption or artificial insemination, Beth starts methodically interviewing young men, seeking out the perfect candidate for fatherhood. And then she meets David who has all the important fatherhood characteristics and quickly lands on the top of the list. The only problem is he immediately falls in love with Claire.

What I liked about this film:

I liked the two women who seemed to genuinely care about one another.

What I didn’t:

In a lot of ways, it sort of trivialized a process that must be very nerve wracking and stress inducing to put yourself through. After all, if a straight couple wants a baby, all they have to do is fuck. For LGBT couples, it is a whole different story.

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