Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me

by Barbara Ashcraft

Buddy G

Episode 1, Lost Rings

15 minutes (released 2007) rated NR

Executive Producer – Margaux Towne-Colley

If you’re a LGBT parent with young children (up to 12 years old) or if you know of a child with one or more LGBT parents, this animated cartoon for kids is a must have. The cartoon is the first animated series for children starring a character with same sex parents.

This DVD was released in late November 2007 and contains the first episode of “Buddy G” and a cute “South Park-like” cartoon music video about Buddy G’s home state of Nebraska.

The animated show stars likable 5-year-old Buddy G, an adventurous little boy who loves science and having fun in his backyard. In this premiere episode, The Lost Rings, Buddy G along with his armband computer, Socrates, and best friend Owen, learn a little about the value of being truthful. He’s also able to pick up a few science facts along the way.

What I liked about this film:

It’s extremely exciting for the children of LGBT parents to see themselves and their families depicted in a kid friendly animated cartoon, just like every other child on the planet. The music is very upbeat and fun, Buddy G’s little voice is adorable and the production values are surprisingly good for some newcomers to the industry. I especially like that the cartoon shows kids in a neighborhood-setting doing what kids do - playing in the backyard and learning life’s most important lessons. Except for the show open and theme song, the cartoon doesn’t focus on the gender of Buddy G’s parents. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if everyone would treat these kids that way!

What I didn’t:

It’s too short and there is only one episode. However, with animation running at $10,000 a minute, we’ll give this mom and mom production shop out of Omaha huge kudos for investing in children that the entertainment industry has ignored.

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To buy this DVD visit Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me Website:

Buddy G Website

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