by Ronda Gantt (aka Video Grrrl)


Starring: Stockard Channing, Ron Silver and Anton Yelchin
105 minutes, released in 2003, rated PG-13
directed by Lee Rose

A boy going through puberty, a boy going through puberty with a gay dad, a boy going through puberty with a gay dad has a crush on a girl whose father is also gay. That pretty much sums up the movie “Jack.”

Jack is a heart-warming tale of young boy who must come to grips with his father’s homosexuality and his parent’s subsequent divorce. And to make matters worse, he is 15; if you remember your adolescence, you’ll know everything seemed so much bigger back then. This movie is likeable from start to finish. It portrays the struggles of both the son and the father accurately and with compassion.

There are moments of sheer hilarity mixed in when Jack realizes who his beloved’s father is. Also, it is touching how his mother moves away from her anger at her ex-husband and turns into a real advocate for Jack’s acceptance of his father.

Anton Yerlchin, who plays Jack, out-performs his adult counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, Stockard Channing, who plays Jack’s mom and Ron Silver, who plays Jack’s gay father, performances’ are superb, but all the light shines on Anton Yelchin. Yelchin is also known for the role of Byrd, the son on Showtime’s series, “Huff”.

If you see this movie for one reason, let it be for this young actor’s performance.

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