Dottie’s Magic Pockets Is Super-Riffic Gay Family Fun!

Dottie’s Magic Pockets

Episode 1, Doing the Flower

Episode 2, Beat Beet

50 minutes (released 2007) rated NR

Executive Producer – Tammy Stoner


Dottie’s Magic Pockets is a kids’ DVD featuring a wacky and lovable lesbian mom who uses magic glitter to transform her living room into a zany fun-house filled with new friends, like James the Flower and Uncanny the Singing Can. Filled with catchy songs and cute cartoons, Dottie leads her friends as they sing, dance, learn, and play the day away.

Sweet, silly, and educational, Dottie’s Magic Pockets is already charming kids and critics alike.

Here’s what some are saying:

“The set, the songs, and the performances are full of whimsy… buying this is a vote for quality…” –

“How I wish I had grown up with a lesbian equivalent of Mr. Rogers! At long last, stories for and about us, our families, our children, our humanity.” –

“We got the first Dottie video in the mail yesterday and it has instantly become a favorite.” – Samantha, a mom from Lancaster, MA

“Dottie is the stuff kids go bonkers over… offering kids with gay parents something they really need—a positive image of themselves….” – B*TCH Magazine

“I didn’t realize how much my kids needed to see this until they got so excited that Princess has “two daddies like us!” Thank you so much for all you are doing! – Andrew and Tim, two dads from Boise, ID

“The songs have infectious lyrics and rhythms… Dottie’s Magic Pockets has a unique and compelling message of acceptance for all families.” – Bay Windows

“Dottie’s Magic Pockets is something the entire family can enjoy… Move over Mickey…’” – Lesbian News

Join Dottie and her magical friends for almost a full hour (two 25-minute episodes) of Super-riffic Gay Family Fun and see for yourself why so many kids are going “dottie” for Dottie!

See the new trailer on YouTube now: Website for YouTube Dottie’s Magic Pockets

Order one today for your kids:

Website for Dottie’s Magic Pockets DVD

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