Daddy & Papa

by Barbara Ashcraft

Daddy & Papa

60 minutes (released 2006) rated NR; debuted on PBS

Directed by Johnny Symons

If you’re young, in love, male, gay and want to become a dad, this movie is for you. This film explores the growing phenomenon of gay fatherhood and its impact on American culture. It focuses almost entirely on adoption and a lot of the primary emphasis was on biracial adoption. It includes challenges such as gay divorce, custody, blended families, grandparents, and surrogacy.

What I liked about this film:

Each of the families seemed to genuinely love and care for each other and it was definitely nice to see that. You couldn’t look at these dads and not know that they loved their children with their whole heart. I was almost amazed to see that the men did not always choose to adopt sons.

What I didn’t:

If anything, it did not emphasize enough the difficulties gay couples face in the adoption rat race.

Daddy and Papa has been nominated for an Emmy Award and has also been honored by these outstanding film festivals:

  • Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival
  • Golden Gate Award (Best First Person Documentary) at theSan Francisco Int’l Film Festival
  • Best Documentary the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Best Documentary at the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Best Documentary at the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Best Documentary (Audience Award) at the Florida Film Festival
  • Documentary Most Likely to Change the World at the Detroit Docs Film Festival

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