Traditional vs. Gestational Surrogate: Viva la Difference!

by Dr. Snunit Ben-Ozer

What is the difference between a traditional surrogate and a gestational surrogate?

Signed, Cornelia, Romulus, MI

A surrogate is a woman who conceives, carries and delivers a child for a third party, the intended parent(s).

A traditional surrogate is a woman who is inseminated herself and becomes pregnant with her own egg. A traditional surrogate and the person whose sperm is used in the insemination each comprise 50% of the final genetic material of the future child(ren). A gestational surrogate is thus both the egg donor and the surrogate in the pregnancy.

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries a child whose genetics are completely UNrelated to her, she carries (gestates) the pregnancy. The egg and sperm from which the child is conceived are from two people different than the gestational surrogate.

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