Mazel Tov! Becoming an LGBT
Parent is Cause for Celebration

by Rabbi Denise L. Egger

Congratulations and Mazal tov on your decision and determination to have a child. This is a true gift, a blessing and in Jewish tradition a Mitzvah (a Divine responsibility) to be “fruitful and multiply”! Jewish tradition believes it is a mitzvah to cherish and nurture the next generation into a compassionate and caring and spiritual being!

Torah Star

It is important to bring a sense of structure and order to the lives of our children. Our primary task as parents is to give them the tools to be successful in the world. But success isn’t measured by monetary gains alone. Successful people are also individuals with strong values, who live ethical lives and treasure justice. This is our inheritance. This is what we ought to strive to teach our children.

As parents it is important to give them the framework of love and spirituality; to give our children the inner strength and fortitude to know who they are, to celebrate their families and to bring human dignity to all.

Our families, families headed by GLBT individuals are not just included but central to the message of love, hope, justice and peace. These are the values we want to impart through Torah to our children. We celebrate GLBT individuals and families. Our gay and lesbian Jewish community is a welcoming and nurturing environment for Jews of diverse backgrounds and lives who seek enhance Jewish observance, worship, spiritual, appreciation and, of course, celebration.

For GLBT parents it can be difficult to find a religious/spiritual community that is truly welcoming and inclusive. But they exist. Give your child the gift of a religious education that is inclusive and loving. This not only can enhance your life but will give your child an opportunity grow in ways you can only imagine!

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