Parenting Tips for Gay or Lesbian Parents

by Alistair Hunt

Parenting has undoubtedly become a more complicated reality than ever before. One of the more divisive issues in modern parenting is LGBT parenting. Although it is true that gay or lesbian parents may have existed prior to this century, this issue has become more conspicuous in the 21st century. There may be a variety of reasons for this, but whatever the reason, gay or lesbian parents and their families are in the social spot light.

Happy Lesbian Family

Some people support gay or lesbian parents while others criticize same sex parents. Regardless, any parents are probably looking for good parenting tips amidst all the hoopla. Gays and lesbians are still parents and are equally concerned for their children as heterosexual parents. Their need for relevant parenting tips in a world where most parenting tips are directed at heterosexual parents is immediate. Following are some thoughts on how to construct a better relationship with your children, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Be Real:

The foremost parenting tip for LGBT parents involves honesty. There is, after all, no point in being with a partner you love if you have to keep it from your children. You might consider telling your children as soon as they are able to understand. When should parents speak up? Children are different from each other, some mature faster than others. It is generally accepted though that children today have earlier recognition and understanding of reality than children of a few decades ago.

Build A Close Relationship:

Another important concept is building good relationships with your children. It’s easy to be honest with a child with whom you are close with. Make your child feel at ease with you by spending as much time with him/her. Help them feel that you will be around for them and that it’s okay to tell you things. Building a close relationship starts while your kid is at a young age.

Share Love and Logic:

When building a meaningful relationship with your child, make sure that your relationship is based both on love and logic. Your child might in fact get all sorts of negative messages in school regarding LGBT people and families. Tell your children that being gay or lesbian doesn’t necessarily mean that you are less successful than other people. Tell them too that being gay or lesbian doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll love them less or provide for them less. Tell them that there is no equation between being gay or lesbian and being unsuitable parent.

Accept Reality:

Another important parenting tip for gay or lesbian parents is to accept reality. Sure, gay or lesbian couples accept their being homosexuals. What they should also accept however is that their children may be made to suffer for their parents’ sexual orientation. The mere fact that major political and social leaders in American society have voiced opposition to gay or lesbian parenthood is enough indication that society has not fully accepted LGBT families. It is important to know that children may be bullied so that you can be better able to address the problem.

Seek Help:

A final parenting tip is to seek professional help for your children and family. In spite of your best efforts to boost your child’s self esteem and make him/her understand that homosexuality is not an abnormality, your kid may not easily cope with the situation of being bullied. When the situation becomes too much for you to handle, look for support groups, counseling opportunities and parent resources to help you.

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