Lesbian Mothers: A New Study Shows What We Already Knew

In recent years scientists have given a special attention to problems of bringing up children in homosexual families.

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Sociologists Timothy Biblarz and Judith Stacey from University of Southern California had finished their project on this subject by April 2001. They analyzed 21 research project on this subject held from 1980 to present. Research covered attitude to gender roles and sexual favors. Scientists have discovered some differences in attitude towards of children brought up by homosexuals and heterosexuals. Current research about children brought up by non-heterosexual couples were not mentioned in public and discovered differences were claimed non-existent.

Some facts concerning lesbian mothers:

  • Young boys raised by gay parents were less active in their sexual life than boys of the same age raised by straight parents. And boys who were brought up by lesbian couples were less aggressive and more tolerant.
  • The opposite situation was discovered while observing young girls. Immature girls brought up by lesbians were much less interested in female cloth style, games and occupations. They were also more unfettered and sexually emancipated, than girls from natural families.
  • Analysis demonstrated that children raised by gays are more likely to accept non-heterosexual marriages, than those brought up by heterosexuals. There is no data that children from gay families are to become gays. The risks of becoming a gay are equal in bough straight and homosexual families. This fact can be easily proved. Almost all the homosexuals were brought up in a heterosexual environment and by heterosexual parents. This proves that children raised by gays are likely to be both gay and straight.
  • There were discovered no differences in mental development and emotional state. Children brought up by homosexuals have shown ability-esteem congruence and academic progress as well as children from natural families have.
  • Lesbian families are more preferable for bringing up children than heterosexual ones. It happens because mothers usually have more intimate contact with their children. Lesbian parenting implies more emotional support and more harmonious relationship. Lesbian mothers invest more time in their children, than heterosexual fathers.

The subject of artificial insemination and surrogate carrying of a pregnancy for homosexual couples is also widely debated. Non-heterosexual couples were usually refused artificial insemination and bringing up adopted children. This topic was discussed at length by professional gynecologists, embryologists, obstetricians and other specialists. They came to the conclusion that homosexuals should have the same rights as straights have. Health service is a public institution and it is funded by government. Gays and lesbians pay taxes as well as other members of society. That’s why they should have free access to public services.

Everybody should be able to profit by donor insemination and surrogate carrying, without any discrimination. If the same sex couple is ready for bringing up a child, and is capable of doing this, it should have all rights and duties to accomplish this. Parent skills have nothing with gender or sexual preference. Homosexual couples do not differ from heterosexual ones, and in some cases are even better. Every child, who was born due to artificial insemination or surrogate carrying, is always a long hoped-for one. Gays and lesbians weight well their decision of bringing up a child.

In order to achieve their goal gays have to pass through many problems. Most of these are owed to public homophobia and misunderstandings. That’s why such families are especially careful and kind to their children.

Some people believe that children from homosexual families are more bullied. It would be naive to think that children brought up by gays or lesbians won’t face problems because of their parent’s sexual preferences. Of course, nowadays our society is less conservative than it used to be, but, nevertheless, it still remains a homophobic one. But children are abused not only because of their families. There are a lot of reasons to be hurt by other children: difference in child’s appearance, dress style, weight and height, manners, habits and many other things. Children are usually very cruel, especially those who are in teen age. That’s why children both from hetero and homosexual families could be bulled.

Lesbian mothers and gay fathers can help their children to overcome these problems. They can manage to do it easier due to their own experience.

So, we can conclude, that children brought up by homosexual and heterosexual couples do differ. But the differences are insignificant and these cannot affect negatively parents or children.

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