Projected Surrogacy Costs:
What Gay Couples Need to Know

Please keep in mind that there are separate medical costs associated with IVF and/or Artificial Insemination. There are also separate costs for the actual legal filings and petitions after your child is born. The costs listed below represent ranges and may vary depending on the agency you select.

Agency Fees

  • Surrogacy Program Fee: $4500.00 – $7500.00

Estimated Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Mother Compensation:

  • $13,000 – $18,000 (First Time Surrogate)
  • $18,000 – $25,000 (Experienced Surrogate)
  • Maternity Clothing: $500.00
  • Surrogate Attorney Contract Review Fee: $500.00 - $750.00
  • Life Insurance Premium: $250.00
  • C-Section: (if required) $2000.00
  • Multiple Fee: (if required) $3000.00/additional fetus carried
  • Health Insurance: (if required) $250.00 / 300.00/month
  • Amnio, D & C, Selective Reduction: (if required) $500.00 /per procedure required
  • Travel (if required for AI or IVF): Actual Expenses & meals
  • Bed rest: $250.00/week (for housekeeping + childcare) & Lost wages
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Per Cycle Fee: $750.00
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) Per Cycle Fee: $250.00

Estimated Medical Costs

  • Estimated Medical Screening for Surrogate and Partner: (Estimated) $1000
  • Psychological Screening for Surrogate and Partner: (If not previously screened professionally) $300 – $1000
  • Estimated Preliminary Screening for Intended Parents: (Includes Preliminary Consultation with Clinic and Preliminary laboratory and diagnostic tests) $1000
  • Estimated Artificial Insemination Procedure Costs: $2000 – $4000.00+
  • Estimated IVF Procedure Costs: $7000 – $20,000.00+
  • Estimated Ob-gyn and Delivery Costs: (After Insurance) $0 – $2000

Estimated Legal Fees

  • Legal Fees for legal filings and attorney’s cost for Legal filings and court costs: (Estimated) $3000

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