Lesbians Want to Know:
What Tests Should Our Sperm Donor Have?

You can be as thorough as you want. The following is a general list of medical tests that you might consider having your sperm donor have; it is by no means a complete listing. To be as thorough as possible, you should consult with your own personal physician regarding pre-insemination screening.

- ABO-Rh blood typing

- Chlamydia by PCR

- Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibody

- Gonorrhea

- Hepatitis B surface Antigen

- Hepatitis B core Antibody

- Hepatitis C Viral Antibody

- HIV Antibody (AIDS test)

- HTLV-1 Antibody

- RPR (syphilis)

- Semen analysis (count, motility, morphology)

Additional tests you could ask for are:


- Canavan disease carrier screening *

- Chemistry panel

- Complete blood count (CBC)

- Cystic fibrosis carrier screening

- Fanconi anemia carrier screening*

- Gaucher disease carrier screening*

- Niemann-Pick disease carrier screening*

- Sickle cell disease carrier testing***

- Tay-sachs disease carrier testing**

- Urinalysis

* For donors with Jewish ancestry.

** For donors with Jewish or French Canadian ancestry.

*** For donors with African American / African ancestry.

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