To Our Lesbian Moms: Now That You’re Pregnant

by Angela Watson

Now that you’re pregnant, you can look forward to:

Outie Belly Button.jpg
  • Dreaming about caffeine
  • Fantasizing about wine
  • Shopping for the minivan that you swore you’d never get
  • Way bigger boobs (well some of us, anyway!)
  • Wishing you could just stop peeing do darn much
  • Maternity garb
  • Deciding on a name that isn’t Brittany or Ashley
  • Quoting your due date over and over again
  • Frequent doctor appointments
  • Strangers touching your belly while you’re standing in line at Target
  • Registering for shower gifts
  • Gaining weight for a good cause
  • Saying goodbye to your feet for a while
  • Elephantitis via water rentention
  • Lots of crap in pink and/or blue
  • Applying for that ritzy pre-school
  • Sending your significant other out on late night food runs
  • Oodles of unnecessary and unsolicited advice
  • Stretchmarks
  • Unwanted stories of disastrous deliveries
  • Crazy nightmares
  • Constant fatigue
  • Reading every baby book on the shelf
  • Having an “outie”
  • Inexplicable, hormone-induced crying binges
  • Feeling the baby move
  • The indescribably miraculous

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