Pregnant Lesbians, or Hot Mamas to Be

by Angela Watson

Let’s face it: pregnant women are downright sexy! Nice round curves, big full breasts, glowing skin, swollen ankles… umm, maybe not the ankles part so much. However, there are a great many things that can prevent pregnant women from feeling like the hot mamas they are. Morning sickness is a bitch; you get stressed out more easily; and sex — well, let’s just say that the extra hormones you’re packing sometimes make you feel like a porn star and other times leave you an emotional wreck! Below we’ve listed a few pertinent issues for hot mamas and their loving lesbian partners, along with some suggestions for making the most of this memorable time.

In Bed

Morning Sickness

Although named for an early morning arrival, this nasty little intrusion can rear its ugly head at almost any time of the day — or the evening. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent the symptoms of morning sickness:

  1. Stock up on unflavored crackers. They help soak up any lingering stomach acids. Nosh on them throughout the day and chances are you’ll feel better.
  2. Snack on bland items such as yogurt, bananas, toast and oatmeal. They help keep the nausea monster at bay.
  3. Avoid drinking water while eating.
  4. Having said that, DO drink plenty of water the rest of the time.
  5. Eat lots of protein. Raisins, broccoli and cheeses (but not soft unpasteurized ones) are all good sources of protein.
  6. Things containing ginger are all good for quelling the queasiness. Ginger tea and candies are good for your tummy and taste buds, too.
  7. Nap. Yup, that’s right. If you can, take a nap. Puking is one of your body’s ways of telling you that it needs rest, especially since it’s busy creating fingers and toes and liver cells. Even a short catnap can be helpful.
  8. Lastly, be sure to exercise. Don’t make it too strenuous. Even some low-impact yoga will help reduce the pukes.


Breathe in… breathe out. Take some time for yourself and relax. Follow some of these tips to unwind and get in touch with your sexy side.

  1. Do a little bit of yoga (literally from the Greek “yoke” which, incidentally, means “to connect.”).
  2. Belly dance (with the emphasis on “belly”!). This is a very feminine, sensual art and can heighten your feelings of desirability. Plus, those great fluffy pants aren’t too tight on an expanded tummy, and come in some really great colors.
  3. Swimming is another healthy activity to engage in while you’re pregnant. Plus, it’s easy on your joints. In fact, floating around in the pool lets you know what it’s like for your baby, floating around in the universe of your womb. The swimsuit selection can be stressful in and of itself, but don’t get too freaked out. Be pregnant and proud of it— commit to the bikini!
  4. Meditation works wonders on stress. You don’t need a big production to get your inner self to calm down. Just take a few moments, close your eyes, and concentrate on the number “1”. Breathe slowly and just keep the picture of the “1” in your head. Do this for at least 60 seconds. You will be amazed at how much more peaceful you feel afterward.
  5. Take a walk. Just getting out of the office or the house for 15-20 minutes can be a relief. The fresh air is a real benefit, too. Remember to breathe deeply while walking to release some of those endorphins.
  6. Have your girlfriend draw you a warm, soothing bubble bath. Experiment with some nice fragrant bath oils. Light a few candles. Break out that new bath pillow and let Calgon take you away!
  7. Get a foot massage. This where you step up to the plate, partner! Go ahead and rub her tootsies. She’ll love it and you for doing it. Plus, any kind of massage is great for your pregnant partner and the baby, too. Remember, if done well and sensuously, it could lead to…


When you’re pregnant, your body experiences a surge in estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone. Did you know that when you’re all hot and bothered, these are the same chemicals racing around in your bloodstream, too, causing blood to rush into all the right places? Yeah, go ahead, we know you want it!

  1. 1. Just know that the first trimester is going to suck. But by about the fourth month, you and the Mrs. can get down to the business of being lesbians in love again.
  2. Your breasts will become way bigger and yummier than ever before!
  3. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit tighter and more sensitive than usual. If you like the friction from penetration, you’ll find that it feels better than ever before. Your girlfriend will most likely notice a difference here as well.
  4. By the middle of the second trimester, your oxytocin levels are peaking and you are one really Hot Mama! Go ahead and indulge — have sex as frequently as you like. However, avoid rough sex or really deep penetration. And check with your doctor to make sure it’s OK to orgasm.
  5. Speaking of orgasms, you may find that they take longer to reach. Ahhh, but once there, they may last longer and be more intense. You may even experience multiple orgasms, regardless of whether you’ve reached this pinnacle in the past. (some pregnant women report this happening for the first time ever… whoo-hoo!).
  6. Don’t bother with trying to hold your stomach in while having sex. It was a stupid idea even when you weren’t pregnant and is completely meaningless now. Just let it all hang out, relax, get laid and get happy… Really happy.
  7. Because of said stomach, you may have to try some positions you haven’t tried before, as if that is any kind of a burden! Many pregnant women report having their partner pleasure them from behind (“doggie style”) works wonders, as all the important parts are in easy reach and your stomach isn’t in the way.

Just remember that you are sexy, even if you’re packing a few extra pounds. Advise your partner to be extra supportive right now, and to be sure she tells you how great your breasts are. Dress in comfortable, yet flattering clothes to help you feel like the sexy mama you are! Remember that you are a Goddess of Motherhood: you are bringing a new life into the world, and for that, you deserve all the appreciation and adulation (and sex) you can get.

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