Alexandria Woods

I would love to share our story on how we became parents of our beautiful daughter, Heavenly. We used frozen sperm and we were successful after two tries. The first month we used three vials and the second month, two vials.

2 Mommies FamilyOur daughter was born December 2, 2005. The hospital was great! In fact, because of my sexuality, it helped get me a private room (lol!) Although only one nurse said that was the reason, I didn’t mind. I had a very difficult pregnancy… everything from early bleeding and finding out I was RH negative and had to get a shot for that, to becoming diabetic at 14 weeks and at 17 weeks I had to give myself injections of insulin four and five times a day. Later, the high blood-pressure started.

We have many funny stories of the events that unfolded. We were so scared that we always tried to look at the bright side of everything to keep us positive. The last three months, I had to go in for NST (non-stress test) first at the doctor’s office three times a week and then every other day at labor and delivery. I had a total of 17 sonograms including two 3D ones.

The last sonograms said our daughter was going to be 11-14 pounds… I was so scared about giving birth. Sure, I had wanted to be pregnant my whole life, but the larger the baby got, the more the thought of “this has to come out… WHERE?” came up.

I was convinced it would hurt more since I have never had heterosexual intercourse. So I opted for a C-Section, only to give birth to a 6-pound baby!

But the adventures in parenthood had just begun after the pregnancy. And the ups and downs have been there just as much. But our daughter is amazing. And BEAUTIFUL! (I know I am the mother and I am supposed to say that, but she really is.) She’s won every pageant I have put her in and now we are working towards trying to get her an agent for modeling and print work. So the road ahead has just begun.

She loves the attention, and not everyone agrees with this road, even my other half, Lori, I had to convince. But I know Heavenly and she loves every bit of attention she gets.

I love to share everything: the ups, downs and twist-arounds of parenthood.

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