John and Steve Wright

We were nearly two years into an international adoption when it all fell through. We had already flown to Guatemala and stayed with our “future” son in a hotel for a week. We were completely devastated when it became clear that this adoption would never finalize. Steve was traveling on business in Arizona and simply prayed. If God meant for us to be parents, then He needed to show us the way because we were financially and emotionally spent.

The next morning, Steve got a call on his cell phone. The lady on the other end of the line said, “You don’t know us, but we’re an adoption agency in the Midwest. We have a child that we think would be perfect in your home.” Come to find out, our network of support that we’d developed over the course of two years in adoption circles had come in handy.

John and SteveThis agency director was the colleague of a friend we’d met through the two years working on our international adoption. We said to each other, “We either go get this child…or we never pray for anything again.” Six days later we were in the hospital meeting our son for the first time.

Eli had been in the hospital for several weeks and had some major health issues. Connected to many tubes and traveling with an IV pole, they put him in my arms. We knew immediately that Eli was our boy. We’ve never felt so much love in all of our lives.

He is now a healthy, happy, and energetic 3-year-old. We are two wonderfully blessed dads.

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