7 Ways to Afford the Cost of Adoption

by Carrie Craft, About.com

One of the major reasons people don’t pursue adoption is the cost of adoption, especially international adoption. Many every day people have added to their family through adoption without going flat broke. Here are a few ways to help with adoption costs.

Adopted Anglo Baby
  1. Adoption Grants & Adoption Loans
  2. The cost of adoption seems to scare many prospective adoptive parent away. These organizations offer adoption grants or low interest adoption loans to families interested in adoption.

  3. Non-recurring Adoption Expenses
  4. Adoptive families of special needs children can apply for non-recurring adoption expenses to be covered with special subsidies to help with the cost of adoption. Be sure to check the definition of special needs adoptions in your state. Some states will help families adopting internationally as well. It never hurts to ask.

  5. Military Adoption Benefits
  6. Military families may be able to afford adoption costs with reimbursement from their military branch.

  7. Employer Sponsored Adoption Benefits
  8. Over the years more and more companies are offering adoption benefits to their adoptive parent employees. Typically these benefits come in three different ways: adoption information, financial assistance and parental leave polices. Does your employer offer adoption benefits? Also, look into the Adoption-Friendly Workplace Program for a listing of the companies with the best adoption benefits.

  9. Purchase of Service
  10. Another way to afford an adoption is through purchase of service. Purchase of service is an agreement between the child’s and adoptive family’s adoption agencies. Ask your adoption agency to learn more.

  11. Get Creative with Adoption Fund-raising Efforts
  12. Sit down and brainstorm about a few fund-raising ideas to help offset some of the high costs associated with adoption. Examples of these could include a high end raffle or an entertainment event.

  13. Foster Care Adoption
  14. There are several hundred thousand children waiting in foster homes for an adoptive family. Foster care adoption is a little to no cost way to add to your family. Consider exploring this adoption avenue and help a waiting child or two.

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